Apple Event September 2019
Apple Event September 2019

Apple Event September 2019 – 6 Months of 6 Apple Products

“We’ve a huge morning plan for you with some truly big announcements,” Tim Cook addressed the group of media people and tech enthusiasts, after walking into the stage in the Steve Jobs theater. Exactly six months ago, Apple made some big announcements on the same stage in a single day. In the Apple Event, September, 2019, the announcement included six of its major trend setting products each from different lineups except for the iPhone 11s. In this article, we are going to offer details on how all these devices are faring after half a year of time in this ever growing tech arena. Without any further ado, Let’s jump into it:

Apple Arcade

The Apple Event, September, 2019 kicked off with the company’s spotlighting Apple Arcade, their new subscription for gaming platform. It is an exclusive place to play over 100s of games without any micro charging done anywhere except for the subscription. The specialty here is we don’t have to pay for a single game. Instead of paying upfront for each game, your subscription lets you download and play any Apple arcade game right from the app Store. Once you touch the Arcade tab in the app store, you will see a whole lot of 100 plus games designed by renowned companies like KONAMI, CAPCOM and Annapurna interactive. 

This is like Netflix for gaming enthusiasts which caters an in-depth level of gaming experience in any game you enter. The UI is shared across all the Apple devices so it is easy for us to switch from an iPhone, iPad, mac or Apple TV and continue the game where we left. Arcade is the only place where we can get unlimited access to over 100  groundbreaking and exclusive games made for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. And the surprise here is the subscription cost. It’s just $ 4.99 in the US (just ₹99 in India) which is shareable for the whole family with a one month free trial. To read the complete Apple Arcade review and the top 10 Games of Apple Arcade, click here

Apple TV+

Then Tim Cook made the big announcement for Apple TV+. Apple TV plus started to broadcast from 1 Nov, 2019 is a bunch of original shows produced by Apple. Yes, Apple is now entering into the streaming wars to create video content which is kind of cool.  Here they again surprised everyone with the subscription price which is $ 4.99 in the US(₹99 in India). And the surprises are not yet over. When you buy any Apple device like iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV, you get a one year Apple TV+subscription for free. To read the detailed review of Apple TV plus along with its pros and cons, click here

With Apple TV plus, the Streaming War is gonna be tight for the likes of Netflix and Amazon.

Apple iPad 10.2

Next in the launchlist of the Apple Event September 2019, Apple showed off the third surprise in the list, its new 7th generation 10.2” iPad which runs on iPad OS out of the box. The new 7th generation iPad comes with a new larger 10.2 inch retina display which in itself is a huge announcement. Processor placed under the hood is the A10 fusion chip which Apple claims is 2 times faster than the fastest selling PC. And for the very first time the new iPad consists of a super connector so you can effortlessly connect an optional full sized keyboard which delivers a great typing experience in a thin and light design that also folds into a protective full cover. Multi tasking made super easy with this processor. Also with a simple pinch on the display pops up a new floating keyboard gives you more room for the content with a great one handed typing experience is just awesome. You have a whole new video editing experience with powerful new tools in the new enhanced photos app. There’s some great new ways to use Apple pencil like simply swiping from the bottom corner to take a screenshot. Choose the full page option to Create a PDF of your document or a full web page. With all these new enhancements, this all new iPad priced as an entry level model. To know the complete details, read the new 7th Gen 10.2 “ Apple iPad Review by clicking here

Apple Watch series 5 

Apple didn’t stop there as the surprises continued. The next announcement was the formidable introduction of the Apple watch series 5 featuring an innovative new display which is always-ON so the watch face is always visible. The new display is loaded with advanced technology known as  Low temperature poly silicon and oxide display or LTPO. This allows the display to refresh dynamically from as high as 60hz to as low as 1 hz which is extremely power efficient. This incredible hardware combined with the innovative software comes with an all day 18 hour battery life. It comes with a built in compass. 

With the updated maps app, you’ll be able to see which way you’re facing just like on your iPhone. You can add the compass to the watch face, you can see the direction at a glance and there’s even a compass app which allows you to see not only the direction but also the latitude, longitude, current elevation and inclination. It has some seriously important safety features. Now with series 5, every cellular model has International Emergency Calling. You can call Emergency services in over 150 countries all over the world just by pressing and holding down the side button even without the iPhone. To know about the pricing and complete product details, read the Apple Watch series 5 review by clicking here

iPhone 11

Then came the star of the show, the introduction of iPhones. Tim Cook introduced the iPhone 11 as the next  generation of iPhone which is said to be jam-packed with great new capabilities in an incredibly new design. iPhone 11 has a beautiful anodised aluminum glass design and that glass is the toughest in the smartphones in both front and back. It comes in 6 new colours with an all new purple, white, yellow, green, black and product red. It has a 6.1 inch liquid retina display with true tone, white colour, tap to awake, and haptic touch in many places with iOS 13 like contextual menus. 

Videos are wonderful to watch in this display and now, It comes with a feature called ‘Spatial audio’ which provides an immersive theatre like experience by creating a sound field around you using an Apple design virtualiser and it supports Dolby Atmos for an incredible sound experience. 

iPhone 11 has an amazing dual camera system with an all new wide camera with a new sensor with 100% focus pixels for faster autofocus with three Times faster low light and we have a new ultra wide camera with a 120 degree field of view to capture more wider angles. There is a dedicated night mode which activates when you shoot under dimly lit indoors or outdoors at night. Night mode video also supports videos up to 4k at 60fps, slo-mo, time lapse, with cinematic rendering video stabilization. Extended dynamic range upto 4k 60fps which is across both the rear and front cameras. 

The Front camera is updated with a true-depth camera to a wider 12 mp sensor which shoots at 4k, 30fps with XDR and also can be shot at 4k, 60 fps as well. Apple is introducing slow motion selfie videos to the front camera for the first time which is called slo-fies. The image pipeline processes a trillion operations per photo and it’s got an image signal processor that works with the help of a neural engine for machine learning. It comes with semantic rendering which intelligently detects subjects and re-lit the details so they look even better. 

If you look at the CPU performance, A12 is the fastest – it still leads the pack in terms of the latest smartphones and chips but the iPhone 11 comes with a much faster A13 bionic chip which also happens to be the fastest GPU ever in the smartphone. 

Iphone XR had the best battery ever in all the iphones history and this iPhone 11’s battery sustains one more hour than that. To know more in-depth details and product analysis with verdict, read our iphone 11 review by clicking here. 

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

Tim Cook himself came down with the final announcement of the flagship iphone models for the 2019, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. These models are aimed at customers who look for sophisticated technologies to push the limits which is truly something special. 

IPhone 11 Pro and IPhone 11 Pro Max – These are the most powerful and most advanced iphones that Apple have ever built which comes in a stunning new design. It’s made up of surgical grade stainless steel that back is a single piece of machined glass with an optical PVD coating on it, comes with a beautiful matte textured finish that looks great and feels awesome in your hands. The screen sizes are 5.8 inches and the 6.5 inches named for 11 pro and 11 pro max respectively. Apple named this display as Super Retina XDR as they have the highest pixel density of any display Apple makes right now. It’s a new OLED panel that has a 2 million to 1 contrast ratio. The Pro series comes with a much brighter up to 1200 nits that’s incredibly bright while also being 15% more energy efficient. 

A13 bionic chip with an improved 2nd generation 7 nano meter transistor the most advanced in the industry is used to run these devices which come with brand new accelerators in the CPU to process matrix math operations up to 6x faster making the cpu capable of over 1 trillion operations per second. This is a developers paradise which can do some incredible things like natural language processing and image classification in photos and videos, character animation and people occlusion in AR apps. With the addition a triple camera system, A13 bionic, longer battery life, faster charging options, new designs, also the fastest cellular, better water and dust resistance, s stronger glass and so much more features, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are incredible devices to own. To know more in-depth knowledge about these devices, read our full complete iPhone 11 Pro review by clicking here

Final Word on Apple Event 2019

I hope you can get an overview of the products and subscription services offered by Apple in its September event. Click on the respective link to read the complete detailed analysis of every product and services out there. Should I do more posts like this? Did you enjoy the read or not? Am I missing on any important deliverables? Please let me know your comments. 

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