ten key differences between Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro

10 Key Differences Between Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro

Oneplus did announce two flagship phones last week: the Oneplus 8 Pro, and the Oneplus 8 variants. We had already gone through the details of Oneplus 8 Pro in the previous article that covers the Oneplus 8 series launch event. In this post, we will go through the ten key differences between the two new Oneplus devices to know which one should you potentially buy. 

  1. What is the Price Difference between Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro?  

When it comes to the features of two different phones, it is always good to start with the pricing because the cost difference will paint us a picture about the league we are in. 

In the USA, Oneplus 8 Pro starts at $899 and the top variant sold around $999 whereas the Oneplus 8 starts at $699 and the top variant sold around $799. So the ultimate price difference between Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro in the USA is $200 when you compare the same variant of both the phones. 

In India, the company is offering multiple buying options with an additional 6GB RAM version of Oneplus 8 for Rs.41,999. While the Oneplus 8 Pro comes with two variants pricing Rs.54,999 and Rs.59,999, the regular Oneplus 8 goes on sale for Rs. 44,999 and Rs.49,999. The price difference is Rs.5000 in India which is certainly fair when you think about the likes of iPhone Pro and Pro max. 

  1. Does Oneplus 8 and 8 Pro have the same dimensions? 

The obvious difference is in the size as the Oneplus 8 Pro is taller, a bit wider and weighs about 10 percent heavier than Oneplus 8. Oneplus 8 is amazingly lightweight with 180 gms and the Oneplus 8 Pro at 190 gms,  making them both the lightest flagship series in the market. While it is noticeable in the hand, it is not substantial to worry about. 

Oneplus 8 comes with slim bezels on both sides measuring only 72.9 mm wide which is almost similar to that of iPhone 11 Pro (71.4 mm) and in fact smaller than iPhone 11 Pro max(77.8mm) which also has the same display area of 6.5”. 

Thickness is also 8mm and 8.1mm which is almost pencil like thin on 8 and 8 Pro models respectively, with shorter and tighter curves along the sides of the display. 

  1. Which one has the better camera, the OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro?

The rear camera setup is a bit larger in the Pro model. Of course, the Oneplus 8 Pro model has an additional lens in its Quad camera setup. Oneplus 8 comes with a Triple camera setup missing on the extra color filter camera but not to worry, you can still maintain your Instagram game skyhigh with Oneplus 8. 

However, both the devices rock back and forth when placed on a table, thanks to the biggest camera bump you would ever come across. Wait a minute! Is this the reason why they are offering two different sandstone cases out of the box?

When it comes to the camera lens and sensors inside, the Pro model has the better standard wide angle and ultra wide angle lens. While both the devices get the same 48MP wide angle camera lens, OP 8 comes with Sony IMX586 sensor when compared to a bigger and better Sony IMX689 sensor in the Pro model. 

The Ultrawide lens of OP 8 also gets a lesser treatment with 16MP camera when compared to the 48MP camera of the Oneplus 8 Pro. This will be evident when the UW shots are zoomed in digitally. 

The third lens on the Pro model is an 8MP 3x telephoto lens while the Oneplus 8 has a macro lens as the third shooting option. While the Oneplus 8 Pro comes with a fourth lens with 5 MP color filter camera, there is no fourth camera option provided in the Oneplus 8 model. 

Though Oneplus 8 comes with a specific macro lens, Oneplus 8 Pro does get a macro mode in which the ultrawide lens is used to take macro photos and to be honest, it looks a lot better than the Oneplus 8. 

  1. Which one has the better display, the Oneplus 8 or Oneplus 8 Pro?

Oneplus 8 Pro gets a bigger screen size of 6.78” curved display while the Oneplus 8 gets a 6.55” curved display. Oneplus 8 still has a full view display with enough screen real estate to let you get lost in your Netflix binge session or to better judge the interior designs of your colleagues’ homes on Zoom calls. 

While both the devices get a curved screen, it is only oneplus 8 pro that comes with an edge to edge stunning display. It turned out to be a bummer though with a lot of users starting to complain in forums about the  accidental palm touch issue happening due to the edge to edge display. 

The difference in the screen real estate continues in the resolution and refresh rate as well. Oneplus 8 Pro comes with a 1440p, 120 hz display, and Oneplus 8 comes with a 1080p, 90 hz display. 

It is true that the difference in the refresh rate is more noticeable when you jump from 60 hz to 90hz but the jump from the 90 hz to 120 hz is less notable. However you can notice a subtle difference in the smoothness of the refresh rates between the two. There is not much of an excitement though. 

  1. What is MEMC? 

Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology is that high frame rate video conversion mode that many sports fans enable on their TVs to make everything look smoother which some of us might not like. But thankfully it is turned off by default. This smoothening video tech is present only in the Oneplus 8 Pro missing out on its younger sibling. 

  1. What about the RAM in Oneplus 8 and 8 Pro? 

While both the models come with the same Snapdragon 865 SOC and UFS 3.0 storage, they do get a different RAM. Oneplus 8 Pro comes with a LPDDR5x RAM whereas the regular Oneplus 8 gets LPDDR4x RAM. 

When it comes to RAM speed, Oneplus 8 Pro will perform 30 percent faster and when it comes to power consumption, it will be 20 percent more power efficient than the Oneplus 8. 

  1. Is there any color differences between Oneplus 8 and 8 Pro?  

You can get the Onyx Black and Glacial Green on both the variants but the Interstellar Glow and the Ultramarine Blue is specific for the Oneplus 8 and Oneplus pro respectively. 

Interstellar Glow is the new color for Oneplus 8 which resembles last year’s Samsung Galaxy S10+. Oneplus claims that it is a whole new spectrum of other worldly light captured in glass, which is true so that the colors and feel you get from each and every angle will always be different. This device includes color in a layer of film, but also in the glass itself; these two layers mix to form a unique gradient everytime you see that. 

  1. What is the Battery size of Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro? 

Whie the regular Oneplus 8 gets a 4300 mAH battery, Oneplus 8 Pro gets a bigger battery ever in a Oneplus model with its 4510 mAH battery. Considering the fact that the 8 Pro model has to offer a higher refresh rate of 120 hz with higher screen resolution of 1440p and 6.78” bigger screen size justifies the battery size differences. 

Battery management is an additional benefit with smoothly optimised Oxygen OS and Android Q which helps to manage the screen-on-time somewhere between 6-7 hrs, provided the 90hz or 120 hz display and higher resolution settings are switched ON. 

  1. Does Oneplus 8 have wireless WARP charging?

The regular Oneplus 8 does not get the wireless Qi charging support whereas this option is present with its Pro version. While both the devices get the WARP charge 30T, it is only the Oneplus 8 Pro that gets wireless charging and obviously reverse charging compatibility with it. 

WARP 30T wireless charging seems to be the fastest in the industry with 50 percent of power produced within 30 minutes. But the catch here is that this will be possible only with Oneplus wireless charger. Reverse charging in Oneplus 8 Pro also comes with a caveat that it can powershare wirelessly only at a rate of 3W while the industry standard is somewhere around 9W in the likes Samsung s20 and ultra. 

  1. Will Oneplus 8 be Water resistant?

Oneplus 8 gets only the regular water splash resistant while the Oneplus 8 Pro for the first time ever in an Oneplus device is certified water and dust resistant with IP68 certification. It can submerge in water upto a level of 1.5m for 30 minutes which is not even half the distance  covered when compared to the 4m level of iPhone 11 Pro. 


Apart from the differences between the Oneplus 8 siblings, they both do have a lot in common as well. Of Late, a massive number of Oneplus fans are flocking the internet with a pile of questions. We thought why don’t we help them? So, we have picked up a few of commonly asked questions about Oneplus 8 and clarified them below:

  1. Are the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro 5G?

Yes, both the Oneplus 8 devices rock the latest Snapdragon 865 chipset with an in-built X55 5G  modem. Despite the huge internals, Oneplus surprisingly managed by not bulking up the devices and making them weigh less than their predecessor Oneplus 7t Pro. 

  1. Will oneplus 8 support NFC and NaviC? 

 Yes, both the Oneplus 8 devices come with NFC support. As far as the NaviC support, Oneplus is waiting for the response from Qualcomm but rumours confirm that Navic support in Oneplus 8 devices will be available. 

  1. Will Oneplus 8 have a headphone jack? 

People who are still searching for this 3.5mm headphone jack in Oneplus 8 devices or any Oneplus models must be treated for OCD!!!    

Find a workaround by investing in a USB c-type to 3.5mm headphone jack converter, if you still love to listen using the wired headphones. 

  1. Why should I buy a OnePlus 8?  

The vanilla Oneplus 8 comes with an impeccable polished design, vibrant smooth display, flagship performance, 5g – all in a sleek compact form factor. 

With a Compact design factor, 90 hz fluid display, triple camera system, Snapdragon 865, Warp charge 30T, and Next gen matte frosted glass finish/Interstellar Glowy finish, Oneplus 8 is still the best bang for your buck. 

  1. Or should I buy Oneplus 8 Pro?

While it is true that the price difference is huge, with Oneplus 8 Pro, you are going to get a better camera experience, wireless charging, better resolution display, higher screen refresh rate.

In the past, Camera had been the only Achilles heel for Oneplus devices when compared to the top of the line competitors. But this time around, with Oneplus 8 Pro, the Chinese brand gains an upper hand against the likes of Pixels, iPhones, or the Galaxies which makes the flagship scene interesting to watch out. 


Based on your wallet, you can go for either phone as both of them are without any doubt offering true value. If you need the flagship-like performance, but not an exact flagship device, Oneplus 8 is the right fit. Should you need to be there in the flagship band, Oneplus 8 Pro stands out there as the premium choice. 

Well, we are done with the overview and comparison of the ten key differences between the Oneplus 8 Pro and Oneplus 8. Thanks for spending your time. This is just our view and what do you think about them? Without fail, Share them in the comments. You know that I read them all. Take Care. 

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